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Tectonics and Metallogeny of the Circum-North Pacific and Eastern Asia
Leonid Parfenov Memorial Conference
Khabarovsk, 2007

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Tectonics and Metallogeny of the Circum-North Pacific and Eastern Asia
Leonid Parfenov Memorial Conference

June 11 to June 16, 2007
Khabarovsk, Far East Russia


The Circum-North Pacific and Northeast Asia are commonly regarded as a frontier area in the World for the discovery of metalliferous lode deposits. During the late 1800's and early 1900's, the area was subject to recurring rushes or stampedes to sites of newly discovered deposits. Subsequently in the region during the second half of 20th century, extensive geologic, mineral, and fuel exploration studies were accomplished. These activities created abundant new information on tectonic processes and metallogenic evolution for the understanding of earth evolution around the entire Pacific Ocean margin.

The Circum-North Pacific and Northeast Asia regions contain the margins of four major geologic plates - the North Asian and North American continental plates, and the Pacific and Arctic Ocean plates. Plate motion, accretion, and collision are presently forming grandiose volcanic and seismic belts along the plate margins, and also operated in similar ways in the past. Metallogenic analysis of various major types of mineral deposits, with many useful minerals, reveals that the deposits formed through geologic time, from the late Archean to the Present, and are related to successive tectonic events. Nevertheless, our understanding of the tectonic history that has formed the present-day configuration of the continents, shelves, plate boundaries, deep structures, and metallogeny in these two large regions is far from being comprehensive.

A major way for increasing understanding of the tectonic and metallogenic processes has been the development of the international collaborative scientific studies. During the last two decades, a large international team from around the Circum-North Pacific and in Northeast Asia performed this type of study. For this study, Leonid M. Parfenov (1937-2002) was one of the pioneers and the Russian leader of the teams for both projects. Our Conference is devoted to the memory of this excellent geologist and very fine person who would have been 70 in 2007. For these major international collaborations, Leonid was the leading force for the tectonic and metallogenic interpretation of Northeast Russia that comprises a major part of Circum North-Pacific.

The major goal of the Memorial Conference is to bring together key geoscientists who are investigating the tectonic and metallogenic evolution of the Circum-North Pacific and Northeast Asia. The major research topics for the conference are regional geology and geodynamics, deep structure, metallogeny, isotopic geochemistry, petrogenesis, regional geochemistry, regional geophysics, paleomagnetic and paleobiogeographical data, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) syntheses. Your are invited to come to the conference in Khabarovsk in June 2007 to share your understanding of the Circum-North Pacific and Northeast Asia, and to discuss and define new research goals for the future!

Khabarovsk, Far East Russia

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