On July 29, 1971, Decree No. 732 was issued by the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences whereby on August 1, 1971 the Institute of Tectonics and Geophysics was established as part of the Far Eastern Science Centre of the USSR Academy of Sciences. The institute was named after Academician Yu.A. Kosygin by Decree No. 124 of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences dated May 30, 2000. 

Scientists of the institute are engaged in research on a range of fundamental problems, such as tectonics and deep structure of the continent and ocean lithosphere; seismicity and seismogeodynamics; coal and hydrocarbon potential of sedimentary basins; the relationship between the formation of igneous complexes associated with mineralization and geodynamic settings of the lithosphere. 

A total of 110 people are employed at the institute including 52 researchers, among them 11doctors and 28 candidates of sciences, 13 junior-level researchers and specialists, 4 Honoured Workers of Science of the Russian Federation; and 4 Emeritus Professors of foreign universities and institutes.

At least two books and collections of papers, as well as several dozens of scientific papers and over a hundred of presentations and abstracts, are published annually, both here and abroad.

Main directions for research:

  • tectonics, deep structure, magmatism and evolution of the continent and ocean lithosphere;
  • geodynamics, recent crustal movements and the stress state of the crust, seismicity, natural disasters in the Asia-Pacific region;
  • sedimentary basins of the East Asia margin, shelf and continental slope: structural patterns, conditions of formation, fuel and energy resources.

The staff of five research laboratories and a group of geo-information technologies are engaged in research activities of the Institute:  

  • Laboratory of Tectonics;
  • Laboratory of Regional Geophysics and Petrophysics;
  • Laboratory of Seismology and Seismotectonics;
  • Laboratory of Tectonics of Sedimentary Basins;
  • Laboratory of Physical and Chemical Research Methods;
  • GIS Group.