Tikhookeanskaya Geologiya was founded in accordance with No. 125 resolution of January 15, 1981, of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
The promoters of the journal are the Presidium of the Far East Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, and Yu.A. Kosygin Institute of Tectonics and Geophysics, FEB RAS.

The journal publishes results of the study of composition and deep structure of the Earth’s crust and mantle; papers reporting on the geologic structure and patterns of distribution of mineral deposits in the Pacific Ocean, marginal seas and adjacent territories, geologic conditions of magmatism and seismicity, problems of tectonics of lithosphere plates, results of neotectonic, geomorphological and geodesic investigations conducted in the Pacific region; and also theoretical, methodical and philosophical papers elucidating the general problems of geology, geophysics and geochemistry. Critical papers, reviews, chronicle of major events of scientific life, and bibliography are also published.

The editor-in-chief of the journal is A.N. Khanchuk, corresponding member of RAS.

Tikhookeanskaya Geologiya is published bimonthly.

The journal is included in the List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, which publish the main scientific results of dissertations for degrees of candidate and doctor of sciences from 19.02.2010, as a scientific periodical that correspond the requirements for including in the List-the inclusion of current numbers or translated versions of publications in a foreign language in one of the citation systems (bibliographic bases) Web of Science, Scopus, Web of Knowledge, Astrophysics, PubMed, Mathematics, chemical Abstracts, Agris.

The preparation of each issue (receiving of papers, editing, and preparation of the laser original layout) is carried out by the Editorial Board staff involving a scientific-technical team of the Institute of Tectonics and Geophysics, RAS (Khabarovsk). “Dalnauka” Publishing House runs printing.

In 1984-2001 the journal was published in English by Gordon and Breach Publishing Group. (Great Britain), and the abstracts were printed in Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (USA), Elsevier Geo Abstracts (UK), Geo Systems (UK); Petroleum Abstracts, University Tulsa (USA). Foreign editors referred the journal from time to time to independent experts, and it constantly received a high appraisal of the scientific level of its publications.

Since 2007 the publication of the journal has been resumed in English (Russian Journal of Pacific Geology, MAIK “NAUKA/ INTERPERIODIKA" Pleiades Publishing).
The community of the authors is quite varied: from industrial geologists, graduates, and doctors of science to corresponding members and members of RAS. Papers by foreign authors from the Pacific region (Japan, Korea, China, USA, Canada, Australia, etc.) are often published in the journal.

Journal "Tikhookeanskaya Geologiya" is located on the eLIBRARY platform and has open full-text editions of the years 2001 - 2017.

Four paper indices to Tikhookeanskaya Geologiya (1982-1985; 1996-2000; 2001-2005; and 2006-2010) have been published.

According to statistics over the past 5 years, 60% of the papers have been published by the authors from the research institutes of the Far East; 16% of papers have come from the Siberian Branch, RAS; 12% - from Moscow institutions; 3% -  from St. Petersburg institutions; and 4% from other organizations.









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